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I have been working as an upholsterer since 1974, i undertake many different types of bespoke work. With my 37 Years experience you can rest assured you will get nothing but the best in Soft Furnishings.

I believe that my customers know exactly what they want and with the wide range of fabrics and leathers I have to offer i will always find what you are looking for.


Clive Sheppard

When I left School in 1974 my first Job was an apprentice Cabinet Maker this i quite liked until when I had been there for three months they asked me to help out in the Upholstery section with all the Ladies,  this I liked.

So my Second Year I did my City & Guilds part 2 In Upholstery. Then moved onto Reproduction, Bespoke Furniture and Antique Restoration,  I worked for all the Top Firms in East Anglia.

I decided in 1979 to start my own Business so borrowed £30 off my mum  to  have some business cards made then I delivered them to Businesses & Residential Properties I Found myself a work shop in Ipswich and I repaid my mum back in the first month.

6 Years later there was a terrible fire in the building below so I had to relocate and ended up where Anglia Upholstery is Today,  Farnham in Suffolk I have been here since August 1985. In 1981 I was very proud to become a member of the Association of master Upholsters, I am also very proud of the Clientell I have built up over the years, many Lords & Ladies,. Actors, TV presenters, Make up Artists, Doctors & Judges, but all my customers are treated the same with the same high quality of work no matter what we are doing, no job is to small.

I am very proud to run the business alongside my son Chris Sheppard.

Chris Sheppard

I have been learning this trade with my dad Clive Sheppard since I was 8 years old, I now can do all aspects of Upholstery etc (modern, traditional using hand sprung seats with horse hair, Bespoke furniture to customers requirements.)

I also work on the curtain side of the business and I also measure and do templates for Boats, Caravans & Restaurants. I am very friendly and accommodating to customers requirements, whether its to see the customer out of hours or meet them on site which could be a boat on dry dock up on stilts or a building site.

Jean Sheppard

Hello, I am Clive’s wife I have been with Anglia Upholstery for 18 years. I love my work as i get to interact with the customers in person or on the phone, plus I get to go in some wonderful houses and see our finished work in its setting.

I also do a bit of everything that is needed to get any work finished etc (machining, stripping furniture, hand sewing curtains,.and sometimes a bit of upholstery.) I am normally there at the estimate, during the work and at the finish when we deliver back to the customer.

Over the years some of our customers have become more like friends because they know our standard of work so they always come back to us. I also go on site to a customers to hang poles, tracks, blinds & curtains with my Husband Clive.

Linda Dellow

I first started machining in 1959 and this was for the Rag Trade, making Coats, trousers, and all sorts of clothing. I then moved to matching for the Upholstery trade, and joined Clive Shepphard at Anglia Upholstery in 1984 and I am still there.

I have  seen many changes over the years with the styles of Furniture changing and the different trends in fabrics. I would love to know how many miles of sewing my machine has done. Some customers I have remade their cushions or loose covers up to 3 times, not because the fabric has worn out but because they feel the need to change style or colour.

When I first started it was just Upholstery machining, then as the years passed and different trends came in I had to adjust to making Loose Covers, then to hand sewing curtains & blinds. At work I am not in a room on my own, customers can see me at work when they come through the door and many stop to watch and ask questions.

Les Stiff

I started training in July 1977 mainly on traditional Upholstery ( No use of staple Gun) I then moved on to a local firm incorporating both modern & traditional for a few years then in 1983 I started at Multiyork this was slightly different as it was mostly production based, from here I went into training assisting & setting up workshops & helping in developing new models, customer service and home visits.

In 1995 I decided to set up my own business making Bespoke Upholstery and Soft Furnishings, in 2009 this was absorbed into Mark Elliot Furniture,this then enabled us to expand introducing new models as we had more space and staff. But sadly in January 2011 due to  a down turn we had to de-scale then eventually we had to cease trading.

In April 2011 a friend heard Clive Sheppard on a local radio station talking about Anglia Upholstery, so i contacted him with the hope that he had a vacancy, it must of been my lucky day as he did and I have been there ever since and could not be happier.


Anglia Upholstery are proud to be a member of the Association of Master Upholsterers.


Anglia Upholstery, The Old Forge, Farnham Industrial Estate, Saxmundham, Suffolk, Ip17 1JZ 01728 602481 Info@angliaupholstery.com

Please call us on 01728 602481, send us an email or pay us a visit see what we can do for you.