Modern Upholstery

Here at Anglia Upholstery we pride ourselves on our traditional upholstery but we also specialise in modern upholstery as well.

We use only top quality fillings and all different grades of foam, we also use hollow fibre filling which we recommend for back cushions and scatters only. All our sear cushions are covered in Dacron then Stockinette to it easier to get in and out of the cases.

We can also strip any antique piece of furniture and reupholster using the fillings mentioned above and change feather cushions for top quality foam, this is a popular change as many people suffer from various allergies from horse hair, feathers and many antique fillings.

When it comes to upholstering seats on sofa’s and chairs we have all sorts of webbing or springs to suit all individual preference (soft,firm,bouncy or springy) and all our fillings comply with the furniture and furnishing fire and safety regulations.

Please call us on 01728 602481, send us an email or pay us a visit see what we can do for you.